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Cold Store Roofs
When the roof above a Cold store suffers from condensation
hazardous conditions are caused.

When the condensation drips from the roof and purlins onto the top of the highly insulated composite panels, this forms large puddles which in our experience have been up to 60mm deep, putting a lot of extra weight onto the panel and decreasing the panels safe working load, this water permeates through the joints and any perforations into the panels, this water then freezes and increases the weight of the composite panel in extreme cases huge icicles form inside the cold store itself, we have seen these up to 2m in length and normally there is a patch of ice on the floor below, these icicles readily break off when the panels flex due to someone walking on top for maintenance etc.

When condensation is allowed to continue to pool on top of the panels, corrosion is inevitable, this can be seen in the photo's below which show the panels in a 7 year old cold store.

The photo below shows how water collects around perforations made for electric cables to pass through to the cold store lighting.

This photo below shows the corrosion in an area where condensation was allowed to pool throughout the winter months.

This photo below shows how much corrosion can be caused by allowing condensation to drip from the roof and form pools of water on top of the insulated panels, extensive plating was necessary as the white parts in the photo show the polystyrene core of the panels. We then applied our rust stabilising coating, reinforced area's of thinning prior to coating with our Flexcoat coating.

As you can see from the photos taken of a 7 year old cold store it is imperative that condensation is controlled.
Be Safe - Specify Grafo-therm
Used on Cold store roofs for over 20 years with 100% sucess
For new cold stores the most cost effective method of achieving condensation control is to have the roof sheets pre sprayed with Grafo-therm at our factory where we mask the side laps and any end laps from spray, dry them overnight in our ovens then repack ready to dispatch to your site.

For existing cold stores we can spray Grafo-therm insitu, when we would also spray the purlins, we offer a free no obligation site survey backed by over 25 years experience of treating condensation on cold store roofs.

Grafo-therm has been used by Brake Bros., Dairy Crest, Express Dairies, Christian Salvessen, Birds Eye, Kerry Foods, Renshaw Scott, Cheviot Foods, Dovecote Park, Lowe Paddock Wood Ltd, Highgrade Foods, Gees, etc.

The photos below show typical cold store roofs coated with Grafo-therm.

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