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Grafo Products Ltd
Shipping/Storage Containers
Grafo-therm is used in many shipping containers which are mainly used for storage purposes both privately and in self storage centres, throughout the winter months they tend to drip with condensation causing damage to stored goods and has resulted in litigation and insurance claims.

The photo below shows the roof of a just sprayed container.

The photo below shows the just sprayed roof and the over spray on the container sides which in most circumstances is the only part of the sides that condenses.

This photo shows a close up of the just sprayed surface.

We can quote to spray Grafo-therm on to large quantities of containers using high pressure spray equipment, but for single or small quantities we would advise spraying them yourself using a simple low pressure system, please see self application section of full details.

For a 6m container you would need 18kg of Grafo-therm per unit.

We supply several container sales companies that spray the container roofs with Grafo-therm prior to sale, please contact us for details of your nearest supplier.

For small quantities please see

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