Grafo Products Ltd
Grafo Products Ltd
Military and Government
Examples of the type of Military and Government buildings coated with Grafo-therm

1990 Trident Submarine Pens, Coulport Scotland, 30,000m
1996 Trident Submarine Pens, Extension, Coulport Scotland, 900m
1988-97 11 Schools for Cheshire County Council 10,000m²
1987 SR71 Blackbird Support Building, RAF Mildenhall 3,000m²
1988 6 Hardened Aircraft Shelters, RAF Bentwaters 20,000m²
1988 4 Hardened Aircraft Shelters, RAF Woodbridge 13,000m²
1986-89 15 Hardened Aircraft Shelters, RAF Alconbury 50,000m²
1996 Garages and Outbuildings, RMA Sandhurst
1997 Garages, RMA Sandhurst
1998-99 Building Property Defence 400 Garages and 284 stores
1990-97 Numerous buildings for the Territorial Army
Hardened Aircraft Shelter, RAF Upper Heyford
Office roof, RAF Bentley Priory
Office Roof, Central Ammunition Depot, Kineton
Steel doors of Missile Stores, RAF St Mawgan
Garages, Towthorpe Lines
Lecture Theatre, Brecon Army Camp
Chemical, Nuclear and Biological Contamination Building, RAF Honington

We have sprayed 1000's of Garages for councils across the UK
Over Sheeting of flat roofs on many sites across the UK
We have worked in Young Offender Institutes at Deerbolt, Guys Marsh and HMP Ryton

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