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Grafo Products Ltd
Roof sheeting pre-sprayed with Grafo-therm for new buildings and re-roofing projects
The most economical method of controlling condensation on single skin roofs for new buildings or re-roofing projects is to have the roof sheeting pre-sprayed at our factory, we work with several of the UK profilers that supply pre-coated sheeting, please contact us for details of your nearest supplier.

Why specify Grafo-therm?
When Grafo-therm is factory applied onto roof sheeting the side and any end laps are masked from spray, this enables close fitting between the sheeting and allows for efficient sealing, with fleece/flock type systems the material covers the full length of each sheeting and any end laps should be sealed with a varnish type solution, this is rarely efficient as can be seen by the algal growth above the end laps on many buildings treated in this way, some fleece/flock type systems are designed to allow any condensation to exit the building by permeating down the pitch and running out at the end laps and at the eaves, this provides the ideal conditions for corrosion.

This photo shows the Grafo-therm free end lap.

This photo shows the Grafo-therm free side lap which is masked by the under lap of the last sheet to be sprayed this ensures a perfect fit.

Grafo-therm incorporates a highly efficient fungicide to prevent fungal and algal growth, fleece/flock type systems have at most limited protection and algal growth can regularly be seen due to inefficient end lap sealing.

Grafo-therm has excellent adhesion to all roofing materials and has never suffered from adhesion problems, we have removed fleece/flock type systems which has detached from the metal sheeting, we then spray the sheeting with Grafo-therm.

Grafo-therm can be used on roofs of any pitch as it doesnít rely on the condensation travelling down the slope within the fleece/flock type material to exit at either the laps or the eaves, this is greatly hampered when compressed above the purlns.

Grafo-therm is guaranteed to be effective for a twenty five year period unlike fleece/flock type systems that at most carry a ten year guarantee and most carry no guarantee at all.

Be safe specify Grafo-therm the UKís leading anti condensation coating as proven over the last 25 years in 10ís of 1000ís of buildings across the UK

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