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Grafo Products Ltd
Self application of Grafo-therm
Grafo-therm can be easily applied onto the roofs of shipping containers, garages and small buildings using a very simple spray gun as the photo shows below.

This spray gun is available for less than £45.00 inc Vat from Machine Mart and is a Clarke CTG8 hopper texture gun, with this you would need a small compressor of 100psi and 6+cfm and an air hose both available from all tool hire shops.

Application instructions
Once ready to commence spraying remove the lid from the Grafo-therm bucket and stir with a clean stick, lift the stick slowly to see if the Grafo-therm is slowly slipping down it, if it is slowly slipping down the stick the Grafo-therm is ready to use, if it doesnít slip add small quantities of water until it does.

On the front of the spray gun there is a disk with various nozzle sizes turn this to the 4.5-5mm nozzle, load the Grafo-therm in to the hopper and turn on the air tap on the compressor, point spray gun at the roof and start spraying, the easiest way to achive a uniform thickness is to mark the bucket so you can see how much material you need to use when you reach half way this helps to ensure you donít run out before completing the roof, this is a very easy spray operation which is carried out by hundreds of customers each year from self storage centres to householders with a single shed or garage.

The photo below shows the finish you want to achieve.

When applying Grafo-therm in the winter months the coating must be force dried prior to being subjected to either frost of condensation, for this we recommend using a space heater which is available from all tool hire shops, alternatively if you can put up with the dripping until the summer the Grafo-therm will dry naturally saving you time and money.

Although Grafo-therm is a non hazardous material we recommend the following personnel protection equipment is used, overalls, goggles, mask, gloves, boot/shoe covers.

We can supply gloves, mask and boot/shoe covers and any polythene needed to cover the floor or contents from over spray with the Grafo-therm please advise when ordering.
We also offer an application service.

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