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Grafo Products Ltd
Warehouses and Workshops
When condensation is allowed to freely drip from warehouse and workshop roofs it can cause problems with the electric/fire alarm systems, it can damage machinery, watermark or stain stored goods, make piles of cardboard boxes collapse, encourage mould to form on the already damp stored goods and even allow ice patches to form on the floor.

Warehouse Photo Gallery
This photo shows a warehouse being sprayed with Grafo-therm, as this was a winter application heat is ducted up to the roof to dry the coating.
The tarpaulins control the over spray and contain as much heat as possible.
This photo shows the same building after completion.
The photo below shows an aircraft hanger now used for storage.
This photo shows an Aircraft Hanger now used by a removals and storage company, the boxes couldn't take any weight on top so we used a large articulated telescopic boom to go up 9m to clear the boxes, then telescope out 17m to reach the eaves.
We have treated condensation problems in most types of industrial building including those owned or used by Reef, Feather and Black, Lever Bros., Ross Poultry, Farmers Pork, Post Office, UPM, Vickers, Slough Estates, Building Research Establishment, MOD, Fire Service, BAA etc.

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