Grafo Products Ltd
Grafo Products Ltd

If this photo looks familiar, or you would like to prevent a new roof looking like this
Grafo-therm Anticondensation Coating
Is the cost effective long term solution to preventing and treating dripping roof condensation.

For existing buildings Grafo-therm can be sprayed insitu, for this we offer a free no obligation site survey service giving advice from over 25 years experience. For new buildings pre coated sheeting is available from many profilers, please contact us for details of your nearest supplier.

As used on 1000's of buildings across the UK with 100% success, buildings from domestic garages, Cold stores, Aircraft hangers, Schools, Sports facilities to vast warehouses.

Condensation costs millions each year through damage to goods, litigation, accidents and premature corrosion of fixings and purlins, in some cases the roof fixings have failed in only 5-7 years.

All single skin steel or aluminium roofs including insulated systems with a ventilated airspace have the capacity to condense and drip on some materials condensation produces the ideal conditions for mould growth, to prevent this Grafo-therm incorporates a highly efficient Fungicide.

The photo below shows the roof above after it was coated with Grafo-therm anti-condensation coating, this like 1000's of other buildings has remained dry since being coated.
Grafo-therm also increases light reflection and decreases both reverberating sound and solar heat gain.

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