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Manufacturers, suppliers and applicators of the UK’s leading anti-condensation coating.

The most cost effective long term solution to preventing and treat the damaging effects of dripping roof condensation, as used on 1000s of buildings across the UK with 100% success.

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Prevents damage from condensation

Considerably reduces the periods during which condensation forms, and whenever dew point is reached any condensation that does form is immediately absorbed by the coating.

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Indirect protection against corrosion

GRAFO-THERM ANTI-CONDENSATION COATING provides protection against corrosion by absorbing moisture that might otherwise form droplets over an untreated surface.

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Affordable self-application solution

GRAFO-THERM ANTI-CONDENSATION COATING is an affordable self-application solution that can be easily applied using a simple spray gun (available from Grafo Products UK). Or we can provide a free quote for larger surfaces and buildings.

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For multiple building and vehicle types

Provides protection for shipping containers, warehouses, workshops, cold store roofs, aircraft hangars, Hardened Aircraft Shelters (HAS), sports facilities, vans and lorries.

25 Years of Experience

Based in Saxmundham, Suffolk, UK, Grafo Products have spent over 25 years developing and manufacturing GRAFO-THERM ANTI-CONDENSATION COATING. We are the sole UK manufacturer and also have a licensee producing in the USA and China.

Our technicians have years of experience of protecting multiple building, container and vehicle types from the damage caused by condensation. For application advice or assistance.

  • Spray insitu, when we would normally coat the purlins as well as the roof sheets*
  • Supply materials only with advice on the means of application.

*We offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION site survey for insitu application.

+ 25

Years of Manufacturing and Application Experience


Rate of success of reducing damage from condensation across


of containers, hangers, warehouses and vehicles across the UK

Shipping Containers

Grafo-therm is used in many shipping containers which are mainly used for storage purposes both privately and in self storage centres – throughout the winter months they tend to drip with condensation causing damage to stored goods and has resulted in litigation and insurance claims.

Aircraft Hangars

We have treated many Aircraft hangars over the years. Ranging from working on live RAF and USAF bases during Cold War, Gulf war and during peace time. Aviation Museums and privately owned hangars for recreational aviation uses.

Hardened Aircraft Shelters

We are world leaders in treating HAS. We were working on live bases while they were being constructed. We have maintained them seamlessly through our entire existence. Using a number of our own specially formulated coatings to preserve their glory alongside English Heritage tenants and owners.

Warehouses / Workshops

When Condensation is allowed to freely drip from Warehouse / Workshop roofs it can cause damage to stored stock, machinery and equipment. Cardboard boxes watermarked and collapse. Mould can form. Electrical systems and Fire Alarms can fail leaving insurances invalid.

Sports Facilities

We have applied Grafo-Therm to many sports facility structures throughout the UK. From a full size indoor football pitch in Aberdeen to the World indoor Bowls pitches in Hopton. Tennis courts, Motor racing pit lanes and garages, Golf driving ranges, Climbing walls etc the list goes on…


Suitable for almost any panel van or trailer with a single skin roof. Check out our online shop to find out more.

Cold Stores

Water condensation in untreated Cold Stores can create large puddles on highly insulated composite panels, weighing them down and decreasing their safe working load. This water can permeate through joints and perforations, forming large icicles. These icicles can reach up to 2m in length and can easily break off when panels flex due to maintenance or other activities.

What our customers say

Super easy application process, the instructional video combined with the kit made the entire job a breeze.

Mr Twineham

What a great system. I applied the product to my storage container its simple to apply and works really well. Bone dry.

M. Drake — Builder

Had Grafo Therm applied to my container, quick, efficient and no mess. Highly recommend the kit.

D. Rouse — Rouse Forestry

Grafo Therm has done an excellent job on my galvanised truck canopy, easy to apply, no more dripping, excellent.

Martin Meadows — R.G. Meadows & Son